“When I got my spine crushed during the Running of the Bulls, I thought my Spanish holiday was over. Aussies Abroad helped me get back on my feet! Metaphorically, of course. I’ll be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.”

— Trevor, Bunbury WA

“I got a bad case of the shits in Phuket and had to spend five days hunched over a toilet. Aussies Abroad helped me find that toilet.”

— Jane, Glen Iris VIC

“If different cultures make you uneasy, download this app now!”

— Bec, Glenorchy TAS

“Getting arrested for desecrating a sacred site isn’t fun on your own. Aussies Abroad helped me find travellers with a sense of humour, unlike the people of Tibet.”

— Steveo, Perth WA

“Europe is rich with history and culture. It’s also really dirty. It’s nice to be able to complain about that with my fellow Aussies.”

— Jayden, Manly NSW

“When I found out that other countries had indigenous people too, I used Aussies Abroad to share the fascinating news!”

— Emma, Cairns QLD
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