How much does the service cost?

Aussies Abroad is absolutely free! We won’t charge you now or ever!

The app will seriously chew through your data though, so expect some serious bill shock if you use roaming. We recommend relying on the free wifi at McDonald’s and Starbucks as much as possible. It’s win-win, because they also offer some of the best meal options in other countries.

Is it safe to use?

Travelling overseas is full of dangers. Using the app is one of the smartest things you can do to stay safe, as you’ll spend your time interacting with other Aussies rather than suspicious foreigners.

Do I still need to carefully plan my overseas trip?

No. The app essentially allows you to visit anywhere overseas in blind ignorance. On arrival at your destination, the app will locate a nearby Aussie, and they’ll take care of all the arrangements.

How did Aussies Abroad begin?

Vance Shriller and Dean Osman were two mates who loved the idea of travelling overseas. But they were scared off by stories of terrorism, Bali belly, and the threat of getting ripped off by street grocers. As a result, they never boarded a plane.

As time passed, and family responsibilities and work commitments got in the way, they realised they’d missed their opportunity to ever travel overseas! Working out of their parents’ garage, they developed an app that would allow other Aussies to avoid the mistakes they had made.


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